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I have been shamelessly addicted to Diet Coke for years. I quit it once after reading up on the potential horrors of aspartame toxicity, and replaced it with Coke Classic, but I gained so much weight with the extra calories that I had to go back to Diet.

Freaking out after another onset of new “aspartame is horrible for you” propaganda, I’ve been off Diet Coke for a week now, and there are some notable changes in the consistency of my toilet trips. First of all, when I am drinking Diet Coke, I am drinking it all day. Sipping constantly. While working, while resting, it became a sort of habit, similar to smoking, that I had to constantly have a drink with me. Even when I am not drinking Diet Coke, and I am not thirsty, I still yearn for the physical sensation of constantly sipping a beverage. I wake up every morning craving Diet Coke. When I say it’s an addiction I’m not kidding.

The first reaction I notice to lack of Diet Coke is that I am not hungry between meals. I have read that aspartame is so sweet that it can trick your brain into thinking it is sugar-crashing, causing you to be hungry. This may be the case. I have not been hungry for snacks between meals the whole time since I quit drinking Diet Coke last week. I am also less thirsty to a significant extent. I have been drinking water and occasional ginger ale (made with sugar, not corn syrup). With the ginger ale, I maybe drink a glass, and I feel no need to drink more.

The second thing I notice is that my trips to the toilet result in firmer stools. Perhaps a consequence of not being overhydrated? I have also read some things about food allergies to caffeine. There are many potential variables, and I did not do a real scientific-method study, but the end results are that I feel much better and have more normal bowel habits as a result of my stopping drinking so much soda.