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Pasta is one of those easy meals that I had fully given up on with my gluten-free diet, and one that I missed. Boil for 10 minutes, throw in the sauce, and eat. Cheap, filling, fast, easy. But the gluten in the pasta would cause me problems, and so the pasta had to go. At the time I started gluten-free eating, there wasn’t much on the market that was any good, so I just cut pasta completely from my pantry and did without.

I went to the store yesterday to see if there was any gluten-free bread-like product I could use to make BLT sandwiches with, but finding none, I saw the pasta instead. So I decided to give it a try.

I found several varieties of Tinkyada’s gluten-free pasta at Publix supermarket in their “green” section. I tried the rotini/spirals first. The label’s statement of “not mushy” and “perfect al dente texture” had me skeptical, but the claims turned out to be honest. It came out with excellent texture and consistency, it tasted like pasta, held together like pasta, chewed like pasta, and worked nicely with the sauce actually better than pasta (it was slightly more absorbent). It did tend to stick together more than wheat pasta once it cooled off in the colander; future tests with butter or olive oil will need to be done, to see if I can get it to stick less. It wasn’t a problem, though, as the stuck-together portions came apart again once I mixed in the sauce.

The instructions to boil for 14-15 minutes I found to be a bit excessive; I found 13 minutes to be more than adequate for my preferences.

Ultimately, it is an excellent product and I am overjoyed that I can eat pasta again.

Tinkyada pasta’s website is here, at